We create and innovate to improve the organization and storage of your Habitat

Our creative teams, designers, product managers, are always thinking about developing innovative solutions that make life easier at home in order to improve people’s lives.

Creation, our DNA

We create, edit and design solutions that organize and adorn people’s homes with our innovative accessories and furniture.

Sharing and coworking

We build with each of our customers a relationship of trust, where everything is implemented to fit into sustainability.

Autonomy, responsibility, trust and benevolence

The know-how of employees is just as important as their professionalism and contributes to the success of EQUIPSTORE.

About us

Created in Roubaix – France – in 2005, EQUIPSTORE is above all a human-sized company composed of a young and dynamic team who takes pleasure in reinventing the organization in the house and to always better serve its customers.

Agility and creativity

Our agility and our creativity enable us to serve more and more customers by developing and customizing solutions for each brand.

International development

We market our product lines in France and internationally thanks to several distribution ways.